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Summons, Petition & Affidavit for Establishing Paternity

This contains 3 separate documents, Summons, Petition and Affidavit

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Attorney Representation Agreement (Engagement Letter)

This is an attorney/client fee agreement form used in the State of Wisconsin by attorneys for each new case/client they are hired by. 

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Death Notice to Credit Bureau

Once a person passes away, the credit bureaus should be notified that the person is no longer living in order to place a notice on the account to prevent an possible identity theft from occurring. These are three separate letters to each of the credit bureaus. They are drafted for the State of Wisconsin, but can be easily adapted for any state. The person submitting the request must include proper documentation of being a spouse or heir.


Affidavit for Transfer of Property on Death of a Relative

This form is an Affidavit required to be filled out by the surviving spouse in order to transfer martial real estate that was titled in both names as individuals, but lacked a designation. This form must accompany the actual Transfer Of Death Deed, marriage certificate and death certificate of the deceased spouse.  


Will – Single/Divorced/Widowed

This is a Last Will and Testament form that can be used by single, divorced or widowed individuals in the State of Wisconsin. It gives the estate to the decedent’s children in  equal shares and then passes to their grandchildren. The language is easily adaptable to inserting heirs that are not children of the decedent. 


Determination of Incapacity for Wisconsin – Estate & Probate Legal Document

This form is required by Probate Court in Wisconsin when attempting to gain control over a person’s estate and/or person due to incompetence.


Defendant’s Petition – Leave to File Appeal

This is a state of Wisconsin, Court of Appeals, District II, defendant’s petition for leave to appeal a non-final order and memorandum in support of defendant’s petition for leave to appeal non-final order. This was used in a case alleging felony voter fraud. The appeal was done in regards to jury instruction prior to deliberation. 


Operating Agreement For A Single Member LLC — WI

This is required for new businesses in the State of Wisconsin that are going to be operated as a single member LLC/sole-proprietorship. Banks will require this form when opening bank accounts or lines of credit for the business.