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Criminal Defense Legal Documents Download


A motion filed in court to challenge whether the police had probable cause to stop and arrest defendant.  Motion should be used early in the case and filed prior to preliminary hearing.


Social Media Addendum to Living Will – Estate Law

This addendum to the Last Will and Testament states the nomination of digital executor, the powers of digital executor, Texas affidavit, and letter of instructions.

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Certificate of Final Completion

This product states the contract number, project name, date of issuance, owner, design professional, contractor, contract date, beginning construction date, final completion date, final amount, remainder due, and the contractor’s certification.


Prenuptial Agreement

This product states the agreement, which gives details on separate property, residence, earnings during the marriage, Living expenses, debt, joint property, taxes, dissolution of marriage, support, waiver of spousal support in the event of dissolution, mutual wavier of right to receive spousal support, disability, death, revocation, additional instruments, dispute resolution, attorney’s fees, full disclosure, miscellaneous provisions, certification of independent legal review, and exhibits.

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Motion in Limine

motion in limine


Pet Trust

The purpose of this pet trust is for stating the funding of trust, management of trust assets, pet care during the settlor’s lifetime, trust use and distribution, trustee powers, revocation or amendment, Texas Governing Law, perpetuities savings clause, and severability.

Business Law Legal Documents

Verification Request Letter to Credit Bureaus

This letter is used by individuals and companies that may have negative credit reporting on their credit report and they are asking the credit agency to make changes to the report. The sample letter includes the following language:  I sent you a letter requesting you to remove inaccurate information from my credit report. But, I find after reviewing my report with your bureau, that the disputed item is still listed.


Medical Power of Attorney – Healthcare & Probate

This product is legally relevant in all U.S. 50 states and territories. This product comes in .docx (Microsoft Word) format for your convenience.

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Real Estate Law Legal Documents

Warranty Bond – Real Estate Law Florida

This product states the owner, contractor, contract, project name, general conditions, surety obligation and signatures.


Change Order

This product states the project name, from and to whom, the proposed changes, the contract sum prior to change order, how much the contract some will increase to, the new contract sum, and the date of the substantial completion.