Brief arguing that certain gang based and domestic sexual violence based claims still qualify as a particular social group membership for purposes of asylum post Matter of A-B-. Also argues that certain conclusions reached in Matter of A-B- are flawed and contradict current caselaw.

Motion to the Board of Immigration Appeals to reconsider the USCIS revocation of a marriage based Form I-130 Petition for Alien Relative. Legal Argument: Impermissible revocation, proper legal standard for good faith marriage, petitioner's burden to show bona fide marriage, proper evidentiary standard.

Motion to Immigration Court requesting administrative closure under Matter of Avetisyan based upon humanitarian grounds and low priority for removal.

Motion to the Board of Immigration Appeals to reopen Respondent’s proceedings to allow her to proceed with an adjustment of status application based upon marriage to a US Citizen.

Motion to Extend Brief Schedule - Immigration Law

Motion to Immigration Court moving for termination of proceedings based upon the US Supreme Court decision in Pereira v. Sessions.

Immigration Defendant seeking to exclude statements made to ICE and other government agents in prior contacts with ICE and other law enforcement regarding his immigration status (Defendant exercised the 5th in this case). US District Court for the District of Arizona.

Motion to Close Proceedings - Immigration Law

An Immigration Court brief that argues that certain crimes do not involve moral turpitude including:1) Whether Mr. X’s conviction for harassment does not constitute a crime involving moral turpitude for

A petition to file for stay of deportation Appealing a deportation order. In some cases, a permanent resident who has been ordered deported will have a right to appeal this decision to the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) of the IRB. The same is true for a protected person. You will have 30 days from the…

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