This is an attorney/client fee agreement form used in the State of Wisconsin by attorneys for each new case/client they are hired by.

Whether or not the exclusionary rule applies in driver's license revocation proceedings, the express consent statute does not allow the Department of Revenue to revoke a driver's license pursuant to section 42-2-126 on the basis of a search that itself is the product of an illegal stop and arrest. In this case we argued that,…

A motion to appear for a Commencement hearing in a administrative appeal for state of Colorado

A release of an original promissory, when a second or subsequent promissory note is made. The original promissory note is released and the new promissory now takes precedence.

A employment contract for a bilingual receptionist or secretary. The contract include employer providing phone for remote receptionist to answer. Termination and return of property are also included in the terms of the contract. State can easily be changed to use in any state or jurisdiction

Used to receive government information

Template Document

The Department of Revenue, through the Division of Motor Vehicles, revoked a driver’s license, following a hearing officer’s determination that the driver had driven a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content in excess of the statutory maximum. The district court reversed, holding that the initial stop of the driver’s vehicle was not supported by…

If your client it's a student in Bolivia and can't complete the registration in person, they can send this stament of representation, you will only change the name, university and subjects as well as pointing the semester.

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